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Nuclear Fusion and Artificial Intelligence: the Dream of Limitless Energy

Read about how machine learning and AI is being used to help scientists that strive to make nuclear fusion a viable energy source in the near future.

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How Landing AI is Using Machine Learning to Monitor Social Distancing

Andrew Ng’s Landing AI has developed a ‘social distancing detector’ that uses machine learning to determine if people are maintaining a safe distance in the workplace during this crisis where social distancing is essential.

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The Gaming AI Tool That Can Translate Japanese On The Fly

The popular game emulation program RetroArch has a new AI translation service that can translate Japanese text from games into English on the go.

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Billion Users and Counting - How China's TikTok is Taking Over the World With Artificial Intelligence

ByteDance’s app TikTok has taken the world by storm and may soon take over the world…

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The National Health Service's Brand New Artificial Intelligence Lab!

The NHS has just been granted £250 million in a bid to set up an artificial intelligence lab, that will be under supervision by the newly formed NHSX organisation who aims to oversee the digital implementation of technology into the NHS. Read on to see how your local hospital could change under the glorious allure of AI!

Read More's AI-Powered Tool That Can Create Amazing Video Highlights

Minute has recently raised $8 million due to its innovative video AI that aims to raise customer revenue in a highly competitive market.

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The War on Deepfakes: AI and Neural Networks Can Now Detect Fake Images

Deepfakes can be used for fun, but they can also be a recipe for disaster. Read how researchers are using neural networks to combat deepfake technology.

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