Nvidia is Leaving AMD behind With their New Launch

At CES 2021 during this week Nvidia announced the launch of their new GeForce RTX 3060 and 3060Ti GPU as the cheaper alternatives to its big brother the GeForce RTX 3080 being around $370 cheaper than the RTX 3080 high end GPU, which will be available in February. Nvidia is proposing twice the performance of the RTX 2060 and 10 times the performance in ray tracing, which already has great performance, which means not only will the RTX 3060 have exponentially better performance, but it goes for $20 cheaper than its predecessors release price which is really promising because as consumers this amazing value for money product will encourage competitors to further reduce their GPU prices just to keep up with Nvidia.  

So, what is the hype, the RTX 3060 will include 12GB of GDDR6 memory and following the trend of the rest of Nvidia’s RTX 3000 cards, the RTX 3060 will also be capable of using Nvidia’s collection of RTX apps and DLSS support.

Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology is ground-breaking AI rendering technology that takes your graphics to a whole new couple of levels using allocated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX GPUs. Nvidia recognised the potential in the power of deep learning neural network, so they created DLSS to test out the capabilities it could introduce within the GPU landscape to enhance frame rates and generate generational leaps in graphics for your games. You even get the performance clearance to maximise ray tracing settings and increase output resolution, DLSS forces a game to render at a lower resolution and then uses its trained A.I. algorithm to deduce what it would look like if it were rendered at a higher one, for example rendering at 1440p and the AI algorithm making it look like 4k rendered game. It does this by utilizing some anti-aliasing effects and some automated sharpening. Visual artefacts that would not be present at higher resolutions are also ironed out and even used to deduce the details that should be present in an image.

DLSS vs DLSS 2.0

DLSS vs DLSS 2.0

With the new RTX 30 series they also introduced their new DLSS 2.0 which has; superior image quality and a new AI network which more effectively uses Tensor Cores to execute 2X faster than the original. This improves frame rates and eliminates previous limitations on which GPUs, settings, and resolutions could be enabled, just to name a few of their new features.

With GPUs with ray tracing capabilities and Nvidia just being the go to provider it is inevitable that ray tracing capable GPUs will be the norm within the set ups of PC enthusiasts and at more competitive prices if they are in stock.  

Video Credits(Nvidia):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWpHPGnUo9c

Thumbnail Credits: Nvidia