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The Complexity Of Bias

As algorithms begin to automate essential parts of society and aid in decision making, we have to carefully consider what it means for an algorithm to be biased and how can we create a system where we optimize the use of artificial intelligence without providing detriment to society due to the simplicity of logic in contrast to the complexity of social and moral justice issues.

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How AI Can Help Us Understand The Way We Think and Learn

As society develops and so do we as humans, our thirst for knowledge and self-improvement grows, and now the recent developments in AI give rise to new opportunities for the utilization of artificial intelligence, not only in education and the classroom but also as tools to improve and understand our thought process.

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The AI System That Beat Poker Professionals

Recently, AI opponents have been developed for games such as Go, Chess, and Starcraft, all posing different problems for artificial intelligence algorithms to tackle, but poker poses the hardest challenge till date, with a multitude of computational issues to tackle, such as having imperfect information and a multitude of players means that the success of this algorithm will lead to huge developments in AI moving beyond automating simple systems with clear solutions.

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