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Should We Trust AI to Sentence Criminals?

A new study has found that algorithmic predictions of recidivism are more accurate than human authorities. Researchers are trying to construct tests of such where AI will accurately mirror real-world situations. But what are the repercussions of this algorithm determining the trajectory of someone’s life and what level of reliability should be demanded from the AI in sentencing?

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To Code Or Not To Code? That Is The Question

A new class of lawyer has arrived in town – one that is just as comfortable with code as appearing in court. They are known as the “techno-legals” by some and “lawyer-developers/coders” by others. No matter their title, their dual set of skills are becoming increasingly valuable in a digital driven world. Some believe that the new literacy of coding is now a requirement in the legal profession, but is it actually necessary?

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Robots Now Have Chameleon Skin?

UC Riverside scientists have engineered a new nanomaterial that gives robots chameleon skin. The film of gold nanoparticles changes colour in response to any type of movement and allows the robot to mimic a chameleons’ colour-changing abilities.

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