How the Army Is Really Using AI

It has always been controversial for the army to implement artificial Intelligence within their task force (particularly with the use of drones) because ethics of it, however artificial intelligence is being implemented within the army in other less controversial ways forget the movie Terminator, artificial intelligence is performing many tedious and manual tasks that would use a lot of time and resources and providing assistance to recognition and conversation systems to predictive analytics pattern matching and autonomous systems.

The army leverage artificial intelligence by (for a more detail example) predicting when vehicle parts may need to be replaced which saves a lot of time, money and increase operational safety. Some programs that leverage data using machine learning include Project Maven that retrieves data from drones and aids to automate some of the work that analysts do again saving time and money. As you can see artificial intelligence is being used to improve the army’s efficiency.

The army is not stopping there they have some active ongoing research using AI to improve autonomous vehicles, electronic warfare and signal intelligence, sensor fusion and augmented reality. A project that is currently ongoing is called the Joint Understanding and Dialogue Interface, or JUDI for short, which its purpose is to understand the intention of a soldier when he or she gives a robot verbal instruction, this artificial intelligent system will be used to help enhance their situational awareness.

this means that soldiers will be more aware of their surroundings
— Matthew Marge, a computer scientist at the lab

Image of Matthew Marge Credit:Carnegie Mellon University


You may be thinking do not we already have natural language artificial intelligent systems, yes that is true, but the commercial systems do not consider your physical surroundings which is needed by the army.

So that means the robot has to not only interpret the speech, but also have a good idea of where it is [in] the world, the mapping of its surroundings, and how it represents those surroundings in a way that can relate to what the soldier is saying  
— Matthew Marge

JUDI is set for field testing in September.

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