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To ban or not to ban? America debates developing AI weapons

The rise of dangerous military AI is ever growing and a government-appointed panel in the United States has said in a draft report to Congress that it is America’s “moral imperative” to keep pursuing the development of AI-powered weaponry. This article will explore both the technological and ethical arguments to this dilemma. Intrigued? Read on to find out….

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Finding the needle in the haystack: what is digital growth optimisation all about?

Online retailers have one aim in mind when designing their website: how can I maximise the amount of web traffic actually buying/investing in my products? That’s where Evolv comes in. We sit down with Steve Bamberger, COO of Evolv, to find out what digital growth optimisation is all about…

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Should We Trust AI to Sentence Criminals?

A new study has found that algorithmic predictions of recidivism are more accurate than human authorities. Researchers are trying to construct tests of such where AI will accurately mirror real-world situations. But what are the repercussions of this algorithm determining the trajectory of someone’s life and what level of reliability should be demanded from the AI in sentencing?

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