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To ban or not to ban? America debates developing AI weapons

The rise of dangerous military AI is ever growing and a government-appointed panel in the United States has said in a draft report to Congress that it is America’s “moral imperative” to keep pursuing the development of AI-powered weaponry. This article will explore both the technological and ethical arguments to this dilemma. Intrigued? Read on to find out….

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Machine Learning Lets Swarms of Drones Fly Without Colliding

As more and more robotic devices inhabit the space around us, a large challenge emerges- the risk of collision. But Caltech think they have a solution…

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How Dubai is Using AI to Fight Infection in its Hospitals

The Dubai Health Authority has recently deployed eight AI-powered robots into its hospitals and clinics to sterilise facilities independent of human intervention. This coincides with the reopening of the city’s regular diagnostic and therapeutic services as new cases of COVID-19 are being reduced, and allows more thorough and efficient disinfection while offering greater protection to human staff.

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Robotics and AI - Changing Healthcare For Good.

Read on to discover the various ways in which artificial intelligence intends to leave a formidable effect on healthcare - from reducing risks in healthcare to giving doctors valuable AI-enabled tools - and to finally equip medicine with the technological standards that reflect our digital world.

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Cimon: SpaceX, Airbus and IBM collaborate to produce a conversational space robot.

Meet Cimon: an AI-powered robot helping astronauts on the ISS. The result of a collaborative enterprise between SpaceX, IBM and Airbus, Cimon is designed to interact with astronauts on the ISS - helping them with experiments and talking to them. Could Cimon prove to be the first step to robotic travel partners?

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Robots Now Have Chameleon Skin?

UC Riverside scientists have engineered a new nanomaterial that gives robots chameleon skin. The film of gold nanoparticles changes colour in response to any type of movement and allows the robot to mimic a chameleons’ colour-changing abilities.

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