AI in Cyber Security Making Things Easier For Experts

With the advancements in technology, like everything else, there are some that will exploit these progressions and use them for their own personal gain by using attacks such as malicious software, and ransomware. They are constantly changing their tactics and making them more sophisticated and so it becomes even harder for cyber security experts to identify. For Computer Delta’s research into security solutions, they asked 130 IT leaders (who were already or looking to use AI-enhanced cyber security tools) to measure how much they agreed with the proclamation that: ‘AI-enhanced cyber security is necessary to operate in today's threat landscape'. The results showed that about 80% of these leaders agreed with the statement but is important to state that AI was seen more of an addition to existing defenses rather than a replacement for the current defenses.

Most cybersecurity extensions now are additive - you very rarely see something which is a replacement
— a CIO in higher education

Currently the estimated value of USD 12 billion and expected to rise to USD 30.5 billion by 2025, the market is fueled by growing strict data privacy regulations, growing amount of cyber-attacks, rising implementation of digital solutions, and growing preference to cloud-based solutions instead of on premise. This generates a great need for certain systems and programs which can detect, predict, process and analyse threats and keep the public and businesses safe from cyber-attacks. AI offers the answer to the threat to an abundant level and so a variety of industry players are concentrating on developing AI for cyber security, thus driving the growth of the market.

An example of an organisation leading the world in AI in cyber security is Darktrace which was founded by a group from the University of Cambridge of innovative mathematicians and government cyber intelligence specialists in the US and UK in 2013. The enterprise has utilised artificial intelligence with Enterprise Immune System which is a self-learning AI cyber security technology that can detect and recognise a varied range of threats at its initial stages including; cloud-based weaknesses, insider attacks, and state-sponsored espionage. Darktrace Antigena platforms, which is the world’s first Autonomous Response solution for the organisation, is the only solution that can interject attacks at machine speed and with meticulous precision, even if the threat is directed or utterly unidentified.

artificial intelligence gives security teams unparalleled visibility, and the ability to respond to threats faster than any legacy system could
— Marcus Fowler (Director of strategic threat at Darktrace and former CIA executive)

This is a great development and will be highly beneficial for the cyber security sector as it provides a service that can detect what others may miss (human error) and responds in seconds.

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