AI Paving the Path For the Next Generation of Learning

Over the past few years the opportunity to implement artificial intelligence within our education has been a possibility but many educators have shielded away from its execution within the education system due to its unfamiliarity. However, especially now in a time of isolation and independent learning, the benefits of these application most not be ignored.

A perfect example of some of these innovative technologies is an application and company called Century Tech AI, the software uses neuroscience and learning science to present students individually with a schooling that dynamically adjusts to each student needs, while allowing educators to identify the weaknesses within your education. Century Tech actively works along with the leading schools around the world who are enthusiastic and open to introducing artificial intelligence to the regular teaching environment effectively arming them with the information needed to deliver each student with a personalised system of education.

The artificial intelligence provides a more tailored experience by identifying each students’ strengths and weaknesses creating a recommended path of study for the student to better match their needs. This continually adapting individual pathway comprises micro-lessons called ‘nuggets’ planned to confront gaps in knowledge and offer challenges to encourage long-term memory retention. Educators have control in what nuggets can be set or let Century Tech set nuggets the system believes most necessary. The AI then analyses how each student learns, presenting them with a tailored and adaptive education journey with, continual, constructive evaluation and direct feedback intended to encourage a growth mindset and resilience. The deep and analytic perspective presented to educators show their students achievement, knowledge, skills and performance in contrast to assessment objectives.



With a multimedia collection of content Century houses different qualifications such as, GCSE maths and English language, and maths and English Functional Skills, Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2, all tailored to the curriculum.

Educators are provided with real-time data (capable of being acted on) that aids evidence-based teaching and decreases time spent on preparation by the educators reducing the management burden confronted by educators. The purpose of these artificial intelligent systems are not to replace educators as simply there is nothing to possibly gain from robotising what is (excluding parenting) one of the most important human-centric piece of all our lives.

During this period of isolation and online learning Century Tech are generously providing students with courses during school closure for school years 3-11 including, Maths essentials, English essentials courses covering reading and SPAG, and the sciences biology, chemistry and physics.